Media Economics & New Media

The research focus in this area is on the structures, actors and processes of the production, distribution and consumption of media and telecommunication offerings as well as their diverse social implications. Our interest centers on economic, technological, social and political conditions for media development, media market structures and the dissolution of traditional market boundaries through convergence as well as the strategies and business models of global media and telecommunication organizations. As part of our analysis of new media, we examine the driving forces, progression, consequences and controllability of changes in media, especially the role of innovation in the convergent communications sector.

In the area of media economics, the primary contributors are the «Media Economics & Management» (Prof. Dr. Gabriele Siegert) and «Media Change & Innovation» (Prof. Dr. Michael Latzer) departments, with additional research in the new media area by the «Media Reality & Effects» (Prof. Dr. Heinz Bonfadelli) and «Media Psychology & Effects» (Prof. Dr. Werner Wirth) departments.