Focus of Research

Media and communication science at IPMZ is a socioscientific subject with interdisciplinary connections. The main focus is placed on social communication produced via the press, radio, television, internet, mobile communication channels, etc., particularly, but not limited to, public communications. Our research explores the different methods and consequences of this communication. We see modern society as a media- and information-dependent society that is highly characterized by communication conveyed through media channels. Starting points for our theoretical and empirical research include the social, political or economic structures of social and, especially, public communication, its participating actors and strategies, the products generated by the media and their effects on recipients and society as a whole. We also take a comparative international approach, with a special focus on Switzerland.

Research at IPMZ is divided into four major areas which coincide with the specializations in our Master's degree program.

«Political Communications & Media Policy» «Media Economics & New Media»
«Mass Communication & Effects» «Strategic Communication & Media Performance»