Study Program Management

Prof. Dr. Werner Wirth

Study Program Director

The Study Program Director is responsible for designing, developing and profiling the degree offerings in all formats of the degree program and supervising the quality of teaching in the academic program.

The Study Program Director is specifically responsible for the following: 

  • designing, developing and profiling the study program
  • rule-compliant implementation of teaching
  • quality assurance of teaching (evaluations, LVB) and of operational processes (information, counseling, administration, performance reviews, grades, etc.)

Dr. Karin Pühringer

Study Program Coordination

The Study Program Coordinator supports the Study Program Director in operational activities and also performs the functions of the examination delegate and the mobility delegate.

The Study Program Coordinator is specifically responsible for the following:

  • as an examination delegate: organization of examinations conducted centrally (including entry of grades), contact person for questions/admission decisions regarding assessment, Master admissions
  • mobility delegate: consulting/support of exchange students, agreements with partner universities
  • as an academic advisor: consulting in all study programs (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
  • communication in the area of study (students, website, brochure, etc.), organization of informational events (e.g., Master program informational event)
  • participation in the study program development/planning/execution