Programs of Study

In the field of Media Studies and Communication Science, we analyze public communication in radio, television, print media, the Internet or "new media." Our focus is the media at large (media companies, editors, or communicators) and the legal and economic conditions under which media organizations operate. We also examine the content provided by the media for public consumption, how this content is used, and what its impact is.

In analyzing public communication, we also look at the conditions of origination and ask how the various actors in a society offer content to the media and how they successfully implement ideas. We examine how political, cultural or economic organizations manage communication, while considering their chances of resonating with and affecting the modern media society.

The analysis and evaluation of public communication structures, organizations and processes demands both a broad and a highly diversified knowledge of the basic theories of social sciences and communication science. In-depth knowledge of empirical social research methods is also necessary.

The degree program in Media Studies and Communication Science exposes its students to the theoretical foundations in the field and equips them with the methodological skills required to describe and analyze a wide variety of phenomena in public communications.