UZH Forschungskredit supports division member

Dr. Juliane A. Lischka, who is a researcher at the Media Economics & Management division at IPMZ, has received the UZH Forschungskredit grant for the research project “Transformation strategies of news organizations”. The project will assess how online use and social network algorithms change news, news organizations and the news media landscape in Switzerland, Great Britain, and Finland. The project will be carried out within two years starting in November 2015. A detailed project outline can be found on Juliane’s academia profile.
Through funding from the Forschungskredit, the University of Zurich supports its junior scholars at the doctoral level (Candoc) and the postdoctoral level (Postdoc). Qualified postdoctoral students embarking on an academic career receive Postdoc funding to support them in carrying out or finishing a research project at the UZH.