International Media Branding Workshop 2014

On February 6 and 7 the international workshop «The Evolution of Media Branding – Locat-ing an Interdisciplinary Research Area» took place at the IPMZ. The workshop was organized by Gabriele Siegert, Isabelle Krebs & Juliane Lischka in cooperation with Kati Förster from the University of Vienna to link the various issues of media brand research with the core areas of communication science.

The workshop started with a keynote from Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, professor at the College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida, titled «Media Branding 3.0: From Media Brands to Branded Entertainment and Information». In five different sessions invited speakers then presented and discussed new findings and insights of media brand research. The session topics ranged from media brands as ‘market driven’ journalism, media brands as branded content, media brands as management task, media brands and its marketing (communication) to media brands as a relationship/audience construct. Besides well-known experts in the field young academics were successfully included in the workshop to present their recent research results.

To get an impression from the workshop and to listen to statements by some experts in the field go to:

The presentations and discussions will be published soon: Gabriele Siegert, Kati Förster, Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, Mart Ots (Eds.): Handbook of Media Branding. Springer.

The workshop was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), by the Hochschulstiftung (UZH), the VAUZ (UZH) and the IPMZ-division «Media Economics and Management».

Contact at the IPMZ:
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lic. phil. Isabelle Krebs
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