Successful European Media Management Education Association

IPMZ’s media economics and management division once more proves to be Europe’s most productive research unit in the field of media management.

At the 2013 conference of the European Media Management Education Association (emma) which was held June 13-15 at Bournemouth University in UK, Prof. Gabriele Siegert’s team had six paper presentations which equals 9% of the academic program.

Bjørn von Rimscha had a joint presentation with Sarah Putzig form the University of Weimar where he reassessed data from a recent project on the Swiss book market funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.

Juliane Lischka presented first results from a SNSF supported project on «Economic cycle and its sentiments» where she focused on the tone and volume of economic news in a longitudinal perspective.

Isabelle Krebs and Christoph Sommer had two presentations which built on data from the NCCR Democracy. One presentation revisited the question whether the quality of a news brand is a mere marketing tool or actually providing direction. The second presentation focused on the potential effect of market orientation on newspaper success.

Research oriented teaching also proved to be fruitful, since two further presentations by Bjørn von Rimscha used data gathered in researcher seminars at the IPMZ both on the Bachelor and the Master level. One elaborated on the relative influence of work conditions and personality traits on job satisfaction in different media occupations, the other provided first insights on the socio-demographics and orientations of Swiss media managers compared with media managers in Germany (together with Carsten Winter and Christopher Buschow from the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media). Thank you to all the students who did a great job gathering the data!

The peer group Media Economics JR run by Christoph Sommer, Juliane Lischka and Stephanie Kienzler (and supported by the Graduate Campus) used the emma conference to organize a «Lunch with a mentor». The group sat down with Gillian Doyle from the University of Glasgow, one of Europe’s leading Media Economist to receive some hint on how to build a career in the field.

To sum up: Once again the emma conference was a successful event where IPMZ researchers could showcase their projects, gain inspiration for future research and renew collaborations with colleagues.

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