«Beyond Baron and Kenny: Statistical Mediation Analysis in the New Millennium»: Öffentliche Vorlesung von Prof. Dr. Andrew F. Hayes

Einer der weltweit führenden Forscher zum Gebiet der statistischen Mediationsanalyse, Professor Dr. Andrew Hayes (The Ohio State University), hält am 23.05.2011, 16.15-18.00 Uhr, eine öffentliche Vorlesung mit dem Titel "Beyond Baron and Kenny: Statistical Mediation Analysis in the New Millennium" (Raum AFL-F-121, Cityport, Affolternstrasse 56). Alle interessierten Zuhörerinnen und Zuhörer sind herzlich dazu eingeladen!

Kurzbeschreibung der Vorlesung:
Researchers who conduct mediation analysis predominantly rely on the causal steps approach popularized by Baron and Kenny (1986). This approach conditions the hunt for indirect effects on evidence of an effect to be mediated, rarely involves an estimate of the indirect effect itself, and relies on problematic methods for making statistical inferences that are lower in power compared to alternatives. In this talk, this “old millennium” approach is contrasted with a “new millennium" approach, which emphasizes the direct estimation of indirect effects, uses inferential methods that don’t make unrealistic assumptions, and acknowledges that indirect effects can exist in the absence of evidence of an effect to be mediated. In this talk I describe this new millennium approach and discuss some of my work over the last 5 years that has made it easy to implement on popular software packages (such as SPSS and SAS).

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