Neue Publikation: The special case of Switzerland: Swiss politicians on Twitter

We analyse the use of Twitter in political communication in Switzerland because, in comparison with other democracies, Switzerland with its strong federalism, fragmented party system, small country size and semi-professional politicians can be seen as the least-likely critical case, thus creating unique conditions for the use of social media. The study investigates the individual characteristics of Swiss Members of Parliament that could influence social media usage. Thus, the study contributes to the debate about equalization and normalization with respect to Twitter as a relevant microblogging channel for political communication and to the significance of country-specific conditions for the adoption of innovations in political online communication. The study explains the shift from equalization towards normalization with the diffusion of innovations theory.

Rauchfleisch, A. & Metag, J. (accepted). The special case of Switzerland: Swiss politicians on Twitter. New Media & Soceity Link

Adrian Rauchfleisch