Neue Publikation: Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication - Climate Change Communication in Germany

Climate change communication has a long history in Germany, where the so-called “climate catastrophe” has received widespread public attention from the 1980s onwards. The article reviews climate change communication and the respective research in the country over the last decades. First, it provides a socio-political history of climate change communication in Germany. It shows how scientists were successful in setting the issue on the public and policy agendas early on, how politicians and the media emphasized the climate change threat, how corporations abstained from interventions into the debate and how skeptical voices, as a result, remained marginalized. Second, the article reviews scholarship on climate change communication in Germany. It shows how research on the issue has expanded since the mid-2000s, highlights major strands and results, as well as open questions and ongoing debates.

Schäfer, Mike S. (online first): Climate Change Communication in Germany. In: Nisbet, Matthew, Shirley Ho, Ezra Markowitz, Saffron O'Neill, Mike S. Schäfer & Jagadish Thaker (Eds., in prep. for 2018): Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication. New York: Oxford University Press. (DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228620.013.448).

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Adrian Rauchfleisch