Neue Publikation: Incivility in Controversies

Previous research suggests that the antagonists in conflicts are influenced by their perceptions of hostile media coverage and presumptions of media effects. Research so far has concentrated on presumed media influences on the general public. This study concentrates on presumed media influences on the conflicting parties. It tests how hostile media perceptions and presumptions of media effects on the conflicting parties affect the antagonists’ acceptance of an uncivil and uncompromising style of public communication. In the context of the German controversy over aircraft noise, online surveys of 82 (47%) opponents of aircraft noise and 48 (33%) proponents of air traffic were conducted. Hostile media perceptions have no direct but an indirect effect on antagonists’ intentions to communicate. They strengthen both parties’ beliefs that the media make the protesters against aircraft noise more extreme. This, in turn, increases both parties’ acceptance of incivility in the public dispute.

Post, Senja (2015): Incivility in controversies. The influence of presumed media influence und perceived media hostility on the antagonists in the German conflict over aircraft noise. Communication Research , published online first (September 2nd 2015) Link