New Paper Out: What Causes Media Coverage on Climate Change?

Mike Schäfer et al. describe media attention for climate change in three countries: Australia, Germany and India over a 15-year time span (1996–2010). Using an explanatory model derived from agenda setting theory, punctuated equilibrium theory and multiple streams theory, they employ time series regression analysis to assess the influence of weather and climate characteristics as well as various social events and feedbacks on issue attention. The study shows that weather events and climate characteristics are no important drivers for issue attention in two of the three countries, and that societal activity, particularly international climate summits and the agenda building efforts from international non-governmental organizations, has stronger impacts on issue attention. Schäfer, Mike S., Ana Ivanova & Andreas Schmidt (2013): What drives Media attention for climate change? Explaining issue attention in Australian, German and Indian print media from 1996 to 2010. In International Communication Gazette. Online First. Link: