Neue Publikation: Perceptions of Climate Change Imagery
Evoked Salience and Self-Efficacy in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria

Prevalent in mass media worldwide, climate change imagery appears to be similar across countries. Replicating a study from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, we analyze whether these images are perceived in similar ways cross-nationally by studying Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. A total of 75 respondents sorted images with respect to their perceptions of salience and self-efficacy (Q method). They associated images of climate change impacts most strongly with salience, while they related imagery of renewable energies and mobility to self-efficacy. These findings suggest that perceptions of climate change visuals are largely consistent cross-culturally. They indicate that imagery that is frequently used in media is rarely associated with feelings of salience or self-efficacy.

Metag, M., Schäfer, M., Füchslin, T., Barsuhn, T., Kleinen-von Königslöw, K. (2016): Perceptions of Climate Change ImageryEvoked Salience and Self-Efficacy in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Science Communication. Link

Adrian Rauchfleisch