New Paper Out: Framing Terrorism in ‘Western’ and Arab TV

Using a theoretical framework from globalization theory, the study analyzes TV coverage on four terrorist incidents from the main news shows of the US edition of CNN, of Al Jazeera’s Arabic language service, of the British BBC, and of the German ARD. It shows that all media devote nearly identical amounts of attention to the four events, employ similar stylistic devices to describe them, and evaluate them similarly. At the same time, differences are found in the framing of the attacks: CNN and Al Jazeera interpret the attacks as an expression of a global “war on terror”, whereas the BBC and ARD see them as criminal attacks by a few individuals against human civilization itself. Gerhards, Jürgen & Mike S. Schäfer (2013): International terrorism, domestic coverage? How terrorist attacks are presented in the news of CNN, Al Jazeera, the BBC, and ARD. In International Communication Gazette. Online First. Link:

Adrian Rauchfleisch