Vorträge an der ICA2014 in Seattle

Die Jahreskonferenz der ICA fand diesen Mai in Seattle statt. Die Abteilung "Medienpsychologie & Medienwirkung" war mit acht Vorträgen und einem Panel vertreten. Fabian Ryffel und Werner Wirth wurden für ihren Beitrag "How emotional and rational media messages shape attitudes: The moderating role of preexisting attitudes and appeal strength" mit einem Best Paper Award der Division Information Systems ausgezeichnet. Im Panel "The Appeal of Populist Ideas and Messages. Understanding Populism in the Context of De-Nationalization and Mediatization" wurden zusammen mit der Abteilung "International vergleichende Medienforschung" (Prof. Frank Esser) erste Ergebnisse aus der dritten Phase des NCCR democracy vorgestellt.

Vorträge individueller Einreichungen:

  • Ernst, N., Kühne, R., Wirth, W. (2014, May). Effects of repeatedly presented attacking campaign posters: The influence of negative campaigning and the truth effect on political issue evaluation, the trustworthiness of statements and the feeling of reactance.
  • Hofer, M. (2014, May). Influence of Different Movie Genres on the Perceptual and Behavioral Component of the Third-Person Effect: The Moderating Role of Hedonic Motivation.
  • Hüsser, A. (2014, May). When discounting fails: Initial beliefs can bias processing of corrective advertising disclosures.
  • Kühne, R., Weber, P. & Sommer, K. (2014, May). Beyond Cognitive Framing Processes: Anger Mediates the Effects of Responsibility Frames on the Preference for Punitive Measures.
  • Ryffel, F. A. & Schemer, C. (2014, May). The effects of emotional and rational news appeals on political attitudes.
  • Ryffel, F. A. & Wirth, W. (2014, May). How emotional and rational media messages shape attitudes: The moderating role of preexisting attitudes and appeal strength.
  • Schemer, C.& Müller, P. (2014, May). The Combined Impact of News Coverage of Outgroups on Outgroup Derogation and Ingroup Favoritism.
  • Schulz, A., Wettstein, M. & Wirth, W. (2014, May). All Hostile Media. Consonance of News Reporting as Moderator of the Hostile Media Effect.
  • Wettstein, M., & Wirth, W. (2014, May). The Impact of Uncivil and Insincere Comments on the Deliberative Quality of Online Discussions.

Vortrag Paneleinreichung:

  • Wirz, D. Ernst, N., Büchel, F., Schulz, A., Wettstein, M., Engesser, S., Schemer, C., Esser, F., Wirth, W. (2014, May). Populism and the media forming an unholy alliance: An integrative framework.

Martin Wettstein